by Crooked Cross

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released December 30, 2016

Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Jason Mcghee

Art by Em Gowan



all rights reserved


Crooked Cross Tacoma, Washington



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Track Name: Sacrificing Integrity
I hate this world for all its worth
theres not much left to count on
on this earth, fuck this earth
not afraid of the future or end result just despise every day along the way dissatisfied with their lies.
i need to apprise,
the disdain for our existence
no fear for the end, i welcome it
(sacrifice all integrity)
hate for the weak,
(sacrifice all integrity)
they sicken me
(sacrifice all integrity)
no trust left
(sacrifice all integrity)
for one another
sacrificing integrity as a virtue will only weaken your self righteous soul
Track Name: Desecrate Pantheon
pestilence befallen the congregation
abhorrent trepidation
screams of terror bleeding out
the windows of the Vatican
profane command maims the house of Christ
only blood they now use to baptise
desecrate the obsessed temple of divinity
face ultimate penalty
face your fate
gaze upon in failing light
fallen pantheon
with your last dying breath witness
the end of christ
Track Name: Clout of Dominus
self regression, slipping down,
desolation, isolation,
living in, quiet desperation
desolation, isolation
situations I can not cope, sinking down i can not float
lifelessness slithers, breathes on my the back of my neck
I kneel to deaths call and beck
the liar lies within my core i know nothing anymore
desolation, isolation
feeling trapped, one way out
it all ends with the final clout
feel trapped, one way out
all ends the final clout
Track Name: Edge Of Desertion
starving, blistered, scorched by the burning sun
left with only regrets of what Ive done
death teases but never releases
for i already reside in hell
eternal damnation grips my soul tight,
overcame by famine induced blight
deserted in this fire-consumed wasteland
walking forever among my own demons
swallowed by fear and regret, never able to pay my debt
damnation becomes destiny, doomed to follow
(on the edge of desertion)
i walk forever
to the edge of desertion